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A Truly Seamless User Experience


The Navigator for Your Journey

Sobriety Circles is excited to introduce a revolutionary tool designed for individuals transitioning out of rehab or striving to maintain their sobriety, as well as for the organizations that support them. Our mission at SC is to foster lasting recovery through innovative technology. This commitment is embodied in our latest development, the Sobriety Compass, a pioneering platform enhanced by artificial intelligence that serves as an essential sobriety assistant.


Navigator Demos

Choose your Navigator.

With Sobriety Compass you have multiple "Navigators" to choose from.  Select the one you feel most comfortable with.  Prefer another Navigator? You can switch whenever you like. And to work with your Navigator simply speak to them as you would a friend.

Navigators actually learn your needs, your schedule, preferences and can access (with your permission of course) various task based accounts and actually take care of mundane or repetitive tasks for you, keeping you focused on your sobriety.

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Sobriety Compass introduces 'Navigators,' intelligent avatars tailored to meet the unique needs of each user. These Navigators offer customized support and task management to aid users throughout their recovery journey.

Users can access expert advice, therapeutic tools, and a supportive community anytime, anywhere. Once users find the resources they need, their Navigator helps keep their progress on track.

**Sobriety Compass** features include:

- **Personalized Navigators**: Intelligent avatars that users interact with in real-time through voice or text, simplifying the user experience without the need for additional training.
- **Comprehensive Support**: Navigators are equipped to handle a wide range of tasks essential for maintaining sobriety, including:
  - Answering recovery and sobriety questions
  - Scheduling appointments
  - Completing paperwork
  - Locating resources
  - Providing direct access to federal and state health programs like Medicaid
  - Offering immediate access to helpful media
  - Assisting with job services, including applications and interview preparation

**Target Audience**: Sobriety Compass is initially available to organizations serving under-served 18 to 45-year-olds who have completed rehabilitation or are on Medicaid. This includes individuals who are economically disadvantaged, may have limited education, and have experienced substance or behavioral addictions. The platform is designed to support those who value privacy, confidentiality, and personal growth, particularly those who require daily assistance to manage sobriety and everyday tasks.


Once you've selected your unique Navigator it works simply by talking to it. No weird user interfaces or commands to remember. Just talk with them as you would a friend - and watch what happens!

Backed by evidence-based practices, and fueled by a huge addiction recovery A.I. training library, Sobriety Compass helps you build the skills and habits needed for lasting sobriety simply by conversing with your Navigator.


Assessment Interview
Sobriety Compass starts by understanding your unique situation and needs through a quick, yet comprehensive and painless, interview.

Personalized Plan
Based on the assessment, the platform creates a tailored recovery plan to address your specific challenges. You then select a "Navigator" who meets your style and personality.

Conversational and Personal
Start talking. To use Sobriety Compass you simply talk to your personal Navigator. Over time they will begin to feel like a friend as you get to know each other and work together. BTW - You can text with your Navigator when speaking isn't practical.

Ongoing Support
Sobriety Compass provides continuous guidance, resources, and motivation to help you stay on track both through your Navigator, our website or support personnel.

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