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Sobriety for Life

Sobriety Circles

A powerful platform for recovery organizations to deliver life long alumni support and follow-up.


Your Organization's 24/7 "Post Rehab" Sobriety Support Crew

Sobriety Circles™ is a community platform and mobile app designed with one powerful goal: to help people in recovery from any addiction achieve freedom from that addiction by using the power of community and connection!

Sobriety Circles is a bridge over turbulent waters for your program members and graduated alumni. It links the crucial elements of daily meetings, abstinence programs, and the community inspired grit needed to form lifelong recovery habits. And far more than that, it's a direct line to a supportive lifelong sober community.

By surrounding them with peers, friends, sobriety professionals, and a sober family within one or more Sobriety Circles, you're alumni are never alone on the journey you started them on. You're part of a vibrant, caring network of individuals who've walked the path, weathered the storms, and are ready to lend an ear or a hand when you encounter inevitable bumps, potholes and boulders on your road to recovery.

If you would or your organization like to try a Sobriety Circles account click on the "Request an Invite" button near the bottom of this screen and we'll get you started!

If you already have a Sobriety Circles account you can actually log-in below,Simply,  enter your email address and password.  Or better yet, follow the link below to download and log-in on the mobile app!

For Your Organization

Sobriety Circles is designed to enhance the sobriety programs of a variety of organizations, including rehab centers, outpatient clinics, and support groups. Its suite of tools like resource management features, user analytics, learning centers, media management, private video "circles", and digital Navigators adapt to different organizational and user needs, improving engagement and recovery outcomes across diverse settings.

  • Sobriety Circles offers a transformative approach for rehabilitation centers and halfway houses, enhancing their support systems with cutting-edge technology. By integrating private video circles, the platform allows residents to engage in confidential and supportive group sessions remotely, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among participants. These video circles provide a secure space for individuals to discuss challenges, share successes, and receive feedback in real-time, which is vital for maintaining motivation and accountability. Additionally, Sobriety Circles includes a wealth of media content tailored to the needs of those in recovery, offering educational videos, inspirational stories, and practical advice to help residents navigate the complexities of sobriety.

    Moreover, Sobriety Circles enriches the learning experience with specialized content designed to teach crucial life skills and coping mechanisms. This learning content is accessible at any time, enabling residents to learn at their own pace and revisit materials as needed. The platform’s Navigators, or AI-enhanced digital assistants, play a crucial role by providing personalized guidance and support. These Navigators can help schedule appointments, manage daily tasks, and ensure that residents remain connected to their recovery plan. By automating administrative tasks and offering continuous learning and support, Sobriety Circles empowers rehab centers and halfway houses to provide a more comprehensive, responsive, and effective recovery environment.

  • Not-for-profit organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) could significantly enhance their support services by integrating Sobriety Circles into their programs. This platform could provide AA with private video circles, where members can join virtual meetings from anywhere, ensuring that even those with mobility issues or living in remote areas can participate. This accessibility is crucial for maintaining continuous support, which is fundamental to long-term recovery. Additionally, Sobriety Circles’ media content, including educational videos and motivational stories, can be used to enrich the learning experiences during meetings, providing members with a diverse range of resources that support recovery and personal growth.

    Furthermore, Sobriety Circles' Navigators—AI-enhanced digital assistants—can be tailored to assist AA members in managing their recovery journey more effectively. These Navigators could help members track their meeting attendance, monitor their progress, and even remind them of upcoming events or sobriety milestones. The platform's ability to disseminate learning content on crucial recovery topics and life skills also adds an educational component to AA’s support, enhancing the overall impact of the programs offered. By adopting Sobriety Circles, not-for-profit organizations like AA can leverage technology to provide more structured, supportive, and accessible services, ultimately leading to better outcomes for their members.

  • Faith-based recovery organizations, such as Celebrate Recovery, can leverage the capabilities of Sobriety Circles to enhance their supportive environments and extend their reach beyond traditional meeting settings. The integration of private video circles would allow participants to engage in recovery meetings and spiritual sessions from anywhere, fostering inclusivity and accessibility. This is particularly beneficial for members who may face transportation challenges or who live in areas with limited access to in-person meetings. The platform's media content, enriched with faith-based recovery materials and testimonials, can also serve as an invaluable resource, offering encouragement and promoting spiritual growth as part of the recovery process.

    Moreover, Sobriety Circles' Navigators, equipped with AI technology, could be customized to align with the faith-based principles of the organization. These Navigators can assist in scheduling prayer meetings, sending reminders for scripture readings, or managing participation in community service events, seamlessly integrating spiritual practices with recovery milestones. Additionally, the learning content provided through Sobriety Circles can include biblical teachings related to overcoming addiction, thus reinforcing the spiritual foundation crucial to the recovery journey. By adopting such a versatile tool, each organization can not only streamline administrative tasks but also deepen its members' engagement with both their faith and their recovery process, enhancing overall efficacy and support.

  • State and local rehabilitation support programs can significantly enhance their service offerings by integrating Sobriety Circles into their frameworks. This technology platform is particularly beneficial for extending the reach and accessibility of support services, especially in underserved or remote areas. By utilizing Sobriety Circles' private video circles, participants in state and local programs can access therapy sessions, group meetings, and workshops virtually, eliminating geographical barriers and increasing attendance rates. Additionally, the platform's rich repository of media content, including tailored educational and motivational resources, enables participants to engage with recovery materials on their own schedule, promoting continuous learning and reinforcement of recovery principles outside of structured meeting times.

    Furthermore, Sobriety Circles' Navigators, the AI-driven assistants, can dramatically streamline the management of daily administrative tasks for these programs. They help schedule appointments, track participant progress, and facilitate communication between caregivers and participants, ensuring a more coordinated approach to individual recovery plans. This level of integration helps state and local programs efficiently use their resources, allowing staff to focus more on direct patient care rather than administrative duties. Additionally, the Navigators can provide direct links to crucial resources such as local sobriety support groups, job placement services, and public health programs, further aiding participants in their rehabilitation journey. By adopting Sobriety Circles, state and local rehab support programs can offer a more personalized, accessible, and effective recovery process, ultimately leading to higher success rates in rehabilitation outcomes.

  • Therapists and therapist groups specializing in addiction recovery could greatly benefit from incorporating Sobriety Circles into their practice. This innovative platform enhances the therapy experience by providing secure private video circles, enabling therapists to conduct virtual sessions with individuals or groups. This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining continuity of care, as it allows clients to participate in sessions from anywhere, ensuring that they continue to receive support even when unable to attend in person. Additionally, Sobriety Circles offers a wealth of curated media content, including therapeutic tools and educational materials, which therapists can utilize to supplement sessions, assign as homework, or use as discussion starters, enriching the therapeutic engagement and providing varied avenues for recovery exploration.

    Moreover, Sobriety Circles' AI-powered Navigators can serve as an extension of the therapist's role, providing clients with daily support and reminders for therapy tasks, medication adherence, and appointment schedules. This not only enhances client accountability but also frees up therapists to focus more on client interaction rather than administrative tasks. The platform's capability to track client progress in real-time through data analytics also offers therapists insightful feedback on treatment effectiveness, allowing for timely adjustments to therapy plans. By leveraging the technological solutions offered by Sobriety Circles, therapists and therapy groups can offer more personalized, efficient, and engaging treatment plans, ultimately fostering better outcomes in the recovery process.

  • Corporations and their corporate benefit programs stand to gain significantly from incorporating Sobriety Circles into their wellness offerings. This platform can serve as a pivotal tool in supporting employees struggling with addiction, providing them with discreet access to recovery resources directly from their workplace or remotely. Sobriety Circles' private video circles allow for confidential group support sessions and one-on-one counseling opportunities, which can be integrated seamlessly into an employee’s daily schedule. The accessibility of these tools helps foster a supportive work environment while maintaining employee privacy and dignity. Additionally, the inclusion of diverse media content such as educational videos, guided meditations, and coping strategies enriches the corporate wellness programs, offering employees a holistic approach to managing sobriety and overall well-being.

    Furthermore, the implementation of Sobriety Circles can enhance a corporation's ability to monitor and actively assist in the recovery journeys of their employees through the platform's AI-driven Navigators. These digital assistants can facilitate regular check-ins, manage appointment reminders, and even direct employees to appropriate company-sponsored wellness resources, ensuring continuous support. For employers, this translates to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs associated with substance abuse issues. Moreover, by promoting a culture that values health and recovery, companies can improve their corporate image, attract and retain top talent, and reduce turnover rates. Sobriety Circles provides a practical, efficient, and compassionate solution that aligns with the needs of both the employer and the employee in fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.


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