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Addiction affects all of us - even the non-addicted.

Our Story

I was never personally touched by addiction, but seeing friends struggle and relapse deeply moved me. It opened my eyes to the complexity and pain of addiction, making me realize that empathy and concern aren't enough. I felt I could help and I needed to do more; I wanted to offer support that was both meaningful and practical. And I knew I couldn't do it alone, that it would take a team - and ultimately a community.

Together our team's drive to create tools for our friends came from a place of perceived helplessness and love. We saw them fighting a battle that seemed so overwhelming, and felt that by using the skills and resources we've gathered over many years in the technology business, we could offer a tangible,and engaged tool to help. In fact it went beyond help; it became about providing a lifeline, something solid that is always there and that they they can hold onto when everything else feels unstable.

Creating these tools is our way of standing with them, showing them they're not alone. It’s our way of saying, "We see you. We're with you. We believe you can overcome this, and here's something that can help." But this isn't just about offering help; it's about making a real difference in their lives, offering a navigated route with support in their journey toward lifelong sobriety..

Our Vision

"That no sober person will ever relapse again."

Our Mission
To provide tools that will help those suffering from any type of addiction to avoid relapse.

Our Commitment

To save lives and impact world-wide public health with our tools and our technology.

The Sobriety Circles Dream
Freedom - Embracing a life free from addiction is every addict's hopeful aspiration.  Freedom based on sobriety is not just a distant dream, it's an attainable reality. To say it's challenging is truly an understatement, but with unwavering dedication, the right circle of support, and a wealth of tools and educational resources at their disposal, they will now be equipped to conquer any obstacles that stand in their path to lifelong sobriety.



We are currently looking for the person with a future inspired skill set to lead the advanced development of our platform.

Peter is a 40 year technology professional specializing in online marketing and communication technology. 


A serial entrepreneur who also spent seven years with Apple he has been involved with numerous startups and is considered a knowing resource in new internet technologies, online learning and eCommerce. He is committed to the use of community technologies and the integration of beneficial AI for addiction recovery.

Peter Meng


Commited to helping everyone who wants to stay sober by using technology to multiply the number of people who can be helped.

Meet the Founder

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