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Meet "SC"

Our next generation Navigators.

Navigator Demos

Choose your Navigator.

Just in case you missed these on a previous screen here they are again. A preview of our next generation "Navigators" based on our Sobriety Compass intelligent agent platform coming early in 2025

These two simulations both express slightly different scenarios and different capabilities that each agent can use to accommodate the unique needs and personalities of each user.

Click arrow to play videos.

Your Sobriety "Bot"

"SC" is our first generation "Navigator". A fully functional, domain trained A.I. chatbot based on ChatGPT. When you just want simple straightforward answers SC is here to provide them and to help you on your journey. SC has been trained in all aspects of addiction and recovery and can be quite wise, insightful and truly helpful. Just remember that SC is not a licensed doctor or therapist so take everything she says as educated advice and not as the final word. See your doctor for specific treatments and solutions.

"SC" would love to chat with you. Simply begin a conversation in the next window.

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